Bible Story: Exodus 19 (Watch in ASL on

God’s Law does three things.

First, it curbs the evil of the world.(Romans 2) This is why there has never been a dictator that has continued forever. This is why there is a limit to the pain and suffering in the world. Because God has established authorities of government (Romans 13) and written this natural law on the hearts of all men.(Romans 3)

Second, they show us when we are wrong. This is the reality of all people, they are born in sin. You could say it is a sickness that started with Adam and Eve (Genesis 3). Because of this sickness, they are now spiritually dead to God.(Ephesians 2) No matter what we do, we can’t come to Him because we don’t have the spiritual power to believe.(Titus 3) We are born as rebels. Just look at world history and you will see that no one is perfect and even worse, everyone does evil things. So what should you do! This is why Jesus came, to tell you that you must repent of your sins and believe in him. This belief is a gift of God that he gives you today as you see His word, that he has died for you to take away this sin and rebellion.(Ephesians 2)

Third, God’s Law shows us how we are to act as His children.(Psalm 119) In the same way that you learn how to behave in the right way from your father and mother, so now your heavenly Father shows you how to act as His child by staying in the natural orders he has created of Church, Family and Society.(Genesis 2)

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